Here’s an excerpt from an interview between SPOng and Nintendo UK Marketing Manager, James Honeywell:

SPOnG:With every Nintendo console, you guys have always had one game that has demonstrated exactly what your focus is on the new hardware. For the Nintendo 64 we had Super Mario 64, Luigi’s Mansion to show off the Gamecube’s lighting effects and Wii Sports to illustrate the Wii’s motion control, for example. What would you say is the key title that people should look out for on the 3DS in that sense?

James Honeywell: “Erm… I understand what you’re saying, and ultimately I don’t think there is any one title that shouts more than any of the others. I think it really comes down to the fact that gaming has become a much wider past time for a huge number of people, and what we’ve tried to do is give different games to different people. So if you like dogs then you’ll get Nintendogs, or if you like classic Nintendo games then you might want to buy Zelda. I think each one of those launch games use the 3DS in a slightly different way that they all really benefit from that 3D. It’s almost like all the titles do that, whether it’s passing a football in PES and understanding the depth, or making a jump in a platform game. I think every game actually shows the benefit of the 3D.”

James HoneywellFull interview

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