More updates from Mega Man Legend 3’s Dev Room are reported on Capcom-unity. We get detailed descriptions about the island, the city, and the townspeople.

Klickelan Island

An island with a giant underground ruin. At its center sits the prosperous Teomo City. It was originally uninhabited, but once the underground ruin was discovered, a large number of diggers and merchants who dealt in what the diggers found began to gather. The history of the island goes back about 100 years, with the current generation of diggers carrying on the tradition their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers started.

Teomo City

A city of diggers, it’s always abustle with the daily lives of the people who live there. Trucks run busily to and fro, and the sound of metalwork from the city factory is carried on the wind all throughout. Kids frolic and play in the city square while housewives catch up on the latest at the local well on their way home from grocery shopping.


Most of the families on this island are diggers that go back one or even two generations, so they feel a deep connection to their city, and get along with one another very well. Those who feel the strong tug of adventure can be a little feisty and get into fights at times, but they mean little ill-intent. There are also many open-minded people on the island. Diggers are always on danger’s doorstep when they’re out on the job, so adults on the island are also always ready to take action to help families of diggers out when they meet with the unexpected.

Mega Man Legends 3-townspeople


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