An article on Andriasang takes a look at the new behind-the-back camera mode of Super Street Fighter IV 3D that was reported yesterday. While the feature is yet unconfirmed by Capcom, it was apparently available in the press event demo of the game.

The demo first starts off by allowing players to select whether to turn on the 3D effect. After selecting to turn it on, the gameplay takes place from a behind-the-shoulder view of your chosen fighter. The writer who first reported this information was originally expecting the ‘3D effect’ option to simply add depth to the game, but then again that would be relegated to the system’s 3D effects slider on the top screen.

Apparently commands still operate as normal, except the camera  sticks to the character’s back regardless of how harsh the movements become. The writer was able to pull off special moves without any issues, but didn’t get the chance to go in depth with the new mode.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D for Nintendo 3DS

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