andriasang reports that has announced more interesting facts about Animal Resort for the 3DS. The concept of this game revolves around raising zoo animals.

In this interactive game, you get to feed, photograph, and build relationships with one of the animals. Some of the menu options mentioned are: “Communicate with Animals”, “Animal Vendor,” “Check Visitors,” “Mail Box” and “Diary.”

Here are more details taken from the article:

You can switch off between the zoo’s operations office and your storage and communications rooms. The menu screen also lists your target visitor count (number of visitors per day), number of animals in your zoo, number of “areas” in your zoo, and number of platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals you’ve collected. It’s unclear at present what most of these are for, although you can probably make some guesses.

It looks like you can get a general idea of visitor reactions by watching them. In the screens, your visitors appear as green silhouettes. Their reactions are shown in text bubbles. One bubble shows a person saying “We’ll come again!” while another says “I’m hungry” and another says “It’s cute!”.

For the photo component, you press up and down to zoom, x to take your picture, and move around by physically moving the 3DS. This seems to suggest that the game uses the system’s external cameras or motion sensors to determine your movement.

We are gradually getting more in-depth details like this about the games coming out for the Nintendo 3DS.  This will give us a good idea of what to games to plan for when the new system comes out.

Animal Resort for Nintendo 3DS

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