Danny Bilson of THQ gives us some interesting details about what they have planned for the Nintendo 3DS. Here is what he had to say in the interview about the new system as reported on Industry Gamers:

DB: We have about three games we’re preparing for 3DS. They’re games that we just felt would lend themselves best to that platform in 3D. We haven’t announced any of them yet. De Blob will be there but not until next Christmas, a year from Christmas. We have a new brand that we’re going to put on 3DS that’s really exciting and we’ll probably announce one of our other core brands, but we really looked at the platform and thought, “What activities do we have that would look and play the best on that and in 3D?” and that’s how we made our decisions. It wasn’t really about forcing mature in there or not, but we do have three titles that we’re preparing for 3DS, maybe four. We might have a fourth that we’re looking at from within our portfolio. It wasn’t about trying to get an M-rated game on there; it turned out that we looked at it as what would play the best and be the most fun in 3D and that’s how we made our choices.

… I’m a big believer in it; I think it’s fantastic hardware. Like I said, we’ve greenlit three, maybe four games; that’s a lot. We are supporting it; we’re absolutely supporting it. I think it’s pretty exciting hardware and has a fresh look to it, obviously. You’ve seen it. The 3DS is really kind of amazing. We are supporting it, for sure. We’re not doing a “sit back and wait” thing. We’re actually betting with Nintendo that it’s going to be successful by developing three or four titles for it.


Full interview

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