Digital Spy has posted a nice in-depth preview of the 3DS and its demo games, and it sounds as if they like what they saw:

“…the 3D effect works as soon as you switch it on, and it’s as straightforward and impressive as it sounds.”

On the system itself, they note that the ‘prototypes’ appeared final as far as features were concerned. Things like the top screen being flush with the system instead of having a plastic border like the current DS, and the slide pad being dipped with a rubber edge to prevent thumb slippage, make it sound pretty sleek. They also like the placement of the slide pad compared to the PSP. I have to say that comfort while playing is an important part of the portable experience, so hopefully the 3DS nails it.

If you’re wondering how the 3D effects will actually look, you might be interested in their take on it:

“The best way to describe how it comes across is that you are looking into a space with varying levels of depth. It’s not popping out at you, nor does it look like a box, but you can tell there is distance and range between objects.”

Be sure to check out their 8 close-up shots of the system as well.

Nintendo 3DS

Full Hands-on

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