In an email interview with Keith Hladik, a producer at High Voltage, Nintendojo reveals that High Voltage is extremely interested in the 3DS. Here’s a clip of the interview.

ND: Since The Grinder went multiplatform, any chance we’ll see the Conduit franchise do the same? What about Conduit on 3DS?

Keith: We’re committed to the Wii for Conduit 2. We like the platform and we like the controls. Our main focus at this point is delivering a kick-ass sequel. Where we go beyond that is still something to be figured out — we like what we’ve created in the series and would love to continue telling more stories in the Conduit universe. In regards to the 3DS, I was absolutely blown away by it at E3. It’s something special and I know that there is a lot of interest in it here at the company. We’ll see what happens.


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