Harvest Moon: A New BeginningIf you’re thinking of getting a game for your 3DS, you may want to check out Harvest Moon: A New Beginning from Natsume. If you liked the previous versions, you’ll really like this one. Even if you’ve never tried out the Harvest Moon series before, this game will soon get you addicted. 

It does start out a little slow, but there is a lot to learn about Echo Village, the town where you live. You’ll need to pay attention to all the details, some of which will come in useful later on in the game.  

When you start playing Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Echo Village has a very small population and the town needs a complete renovation. It is up to you to revive the town by planting crops, raising animals and adding features like trees, street lights, bushes, etc. 

Highlights for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • Can customize not only the farm and town but also the main character
  • You will get to date and marry one of the other single characters in the game
  • You can buy blueprints and the materials to build various necessities for you and the town
  • There are different festivals where you can compete with your crops or animals


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