Nintendo Life recently went hands-on with the 3DS at an event in London and got to spend time with PilotWings Resort, Hollywood 61, and Nintendogs + Cats. There were other titles on display, but only in non-playable format.

It really sounds like PilotWings is a great choice to show off the real sense of depth the 3DS can provide. Hollywood 61 continues to underwhelm, by the sounds of things. But being as it’s the only third party title that’s playable, it could still be in a very early stage of development.

Still no cats on show in Nintendogs + Cats. It will be interesting to see how they implement the feline species into the title. Will cats and dogs be relegated to separate areas of the game, or will they be allowed to interact with one another. The latter would be my preference for sure!

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PilotWings Resort

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