From Joystiq’s website, we get information about the Nintendo 3DS being used as a tour guide in Paris at the Musée du Louvre. Although other audio systems are used in various museums around the world, the 3DS is the only known gaming device used for this purpose.

Here are a few of the details:

  • has interactive map, masterpieces tour, and “visit a must-see work”
  • many hours of audio available
  • zoom feature allows for close-ups


For more details, click the following link: Touring the Louvre with a 3DS

Here is some good news from CTA Digital on extending your Nintendo 3DS battery life twice as long.

Brooklyn, NY – CTA Digital ( launches a solution for increasing the battery life of the 3DS, and making charging easy without having to take out your original 3DS battery.

No gamer enjoys having their games cut short and the last thing anyone wants in a portable game system is to be tied to an electrical outlet. This Portable Power Battery Pack is unique because of its internal lithium ion battery, which doubles the available battery power for the Nintendo 3DS. The Battery Pack is both an external battery and a wireless charger. Once the pack has been fully charged using the included USB cable, it’s available to play and recharge your 3DS anywhere without any wires. You simply place the 3DS onto the battery pack and push the power button to begin charging. Since this is an external battery, you won’t have to tamper with your 3DS with screwdrivers to replace the original battery. Once connected, the pack quickly charges the 3DS wirelessly. Even after completely re-charging the 3DS battery, this battery pack has another 30 minutes of emergency power left for additional back up gaming time.

See the Portable Power Battery Pack in action in this video demo:

The Battery Pack takes 5 hours for a full charge, and takes 2 hours to fully charge the 3DS wirelessly. Users can see the charge level with four blue LED lights, and when it’s fully charged a separate red light will turn green. Avid gamers on-the-go won’t have to worry about running out of juice with this handy accessory, since the 3DS can also be used while it is charging in the battery pack.

The pack also has a useful built-in stand for an optimal viewing angle. It is available for purchase at Amazon ( and other retailers where CTA Digital products are sold.

A new battery extender has been released for the Nintendo 3DS. It claims to triple the life of the battery. The PowerPlay from Newbie Gaming attaches to the 3DS with a plastic shell. It is charged by the system’s adapter and lasts anywhere between 9 and 15 hours while the 3DS is on, and 15 and 24 hours when it’s off.

This could be a great option for gamers who want a longer life battery if recharging interferes with their gaming.




In an interview with NowGamer, Damien Moret, Ubisoft brand development director, gave his opinions on the Nintendo 3DS. Here is what he had to say:

“Ubisoft has a strong partnership with Nintendo, and we’ve invested in creating compelling games for the 3DS – we currently have more than 15 3DS games in development. Nintendo does a great job of creating markets around their new ideas. With Street Pass, the 3D camera and rendering and other innovations, they’re in a great position to do it again with the 3DS. Put those things together with Nintendo’s existing handheld install base, and our expectations are that the 3DS will be an even bigger success than the original DS.

Titles available from Ubisoft at launch were Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, and Rayman 3D. They are also working on Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D and a Driver spin-off.

Nintendo 3DS Link

Catch the excitement in this video of the midnight launch in Germany for the Nintendo 3DS.


Here are some update details for the Nintendo 3DS system immediately after purchase.

Earlier today , Nintendo of America announced their very first system update for the Nintendo 3DS.

This update will be available the moment the consumer purchases the system.Nintendo of Europe sent out a press release about the improvements the update brings.The update seems very similar – if not exactly the same – to Japan’s update at launch.Here are the things you’ll be getting with the update:

  • 3D video
    As a special gift, we have included 3D video for you to enjoy.
  • System stability improvements
    Improvements to the overall system stability, enhancing the user experience.
  • SpotPass upgrade
    Expanded functionality for receiving notifications and other data.
  • Enhanced network connection functionality
    Improvements to allow communication with some wireless Internet access points that were previously unavailable.



From a Nintendo Press Release:

The new nintendogs™ + cats game won’t contain the only furry animals running around the Nintendo 3DS™ system when it launches on March 27. Users who perform a system update will get access to a 3D version of the “White Knuckles” music video by OK Go. The single-take video, which features a bevy of adorable rescue dogs (and one goat), has been viewed more than 9.3 million times on YouTube. OK Go is known for its creative, one-of-a-kind videos, and the glasses-free 3D technology of Nintendo 3DS creates an entirely new experience by introducing a new dimension to the dogs and band members.

“We shot the ‘White Knuckles’ video in 2D and 3D at the same time, but until now, there hasn’t been much opportunity for people to see the 3D version,” said Trish Sie, the video’s Grammy-winning director. “I’m fired up for people to watch the video again with Nintendo 3DS and experience it in a whole new way. This opens up all kinds of creative opportunities.”

The recommended system update, which is now available, also enhances the communication features of the Nintendo 3DS system. To perform the update, users simply start the “System Settings” from the Home Menu, select “Other Settings” and scroll the page right to select “System Update.”


Nintendo to Host Midnight Launch Event at Best Buy to Celebrate U.S. Launch of Nintendo 3DS

New Yorkers to Ditch Their 3D Glasses for Good as Nintendo 3DS Brings Glasses-Free 3D to Portable Entertainment

New Yorkers are invited to leave their 3D glasses at home – permanently – and join Nintendo of America for a memorable midnight launch event for the new Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system. On March 26 at Best Buy’s Union Square location, consumers and video game fans of all kinds will be treated to live entertainment, branded giveaway items (while supplies last) and hands-on demonstrations of the new system, which lets users enjoy 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. Food trucks will also be on-site to offer refreshments throughout the event. Starting at midnight, attendees will have a chance to be among the first U.S. consumers to purchase Nintendo 3DS. The first 300 attendees to purchase the system will receive a special carrying case.

Starting at noon, consumers can enjoy sampling opportunities, music and other fun activities in Union Square Park (across the street from Best Buy). Playable Nintendo 3DS games will include nintendogs™ + cats, Pilotwings Resort™ and Steel Diver™ from Nintendo, Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition from CAPCOM, Madden NFL Football from EA SPORTS, LEGO® Star Wars® III: The Clone Wars™ from LucasArts™ and Asphalt™ 3D from UBISOFT.

More information about Nintendo 3DS can be found at

Adults, teens, tweens, parents, video game fans and consumers of all kinds

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Nintendo 3DS sampling: noon-8 p.m.
Launch event: 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

Best Buy in Union Square
One Union Square South (corner of E. 14th St. and Fourth Ave.)
New York, NY 10003


  • Hundreds of fans camped out in front of Best Buy in Union Square for a chance to be among the first U.S. consumers to buy a Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and Best Buy President of the Americas Michael Vitelli welcoming consumers to the official Nintendo 3DS launch event
  • Attendees joining together for a midnight countdown as the launch approaches
  • Enthusiastic crowds simultaneously tossing their 3D glasses into the air to celebrate the arrival of Nintendo 3DS
  • Live in-store performance by one of New York City’s hottest bands, The HOTcakes
  • Families and friends using the Nintendo 3DS Camera application to snap 3D photos of each other
  • Consumers getting a first look at augmented-reality games and glasses-free 3D visuals on the Nintendo 3DS system