My Garden for Nintendo 3DS

Since EA announced their first 3DS title “My Garden”, we’ve been hit with a barrage of information about the title. Here’s a full rundown of the information we’ve learned about the game so far, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.


  • My Garden is releasing under the EA Play label of Electronic Arts
  • At this time, “My Garden” is still the working title for the game
  • Created and optimized for the Nintendo 3DS
  • Will offer graphics that bring flowers to life in a vibrant and realistic manner
  • EA is hoping to offer a game so immersive that it truly brings the delight of owning a garden to life
  • A global launch is planned
  • To be released alongside the hardware launch of the Nintendo 3DS


  • The game allows the creation of custom gardens in a variety of unique and beautiful environments
  • Players get to choose from 300 hundred flower and plant varieties
  • There will be unique items available to design, cultivate and enhance landscapes
  • Players will get a bouquet of flowers and items to choose from in creating his or her own floral paradise
  • As a player’s garden grows, it will attract visitors
  • Creatures will include birds, butterflies, insects and more
  • Players will have a helpful sidekick named Tanuki
  • players can unlock 20+ different abilities for Tanuki
  • The game will offer a variety of missions that inspire them to create beautiful outdoor spaces
  • There will be six unique environments to play in, grow, and nurture
  • Environments will include an arid desert, the banks of a cascading brook, and a lush rainforest
  • Tanuki can help grow different plants by obtaining different suits that can attract certain critters to your garden


  • Shake the 3DS to startle unwanted visitors into leaving
  • Shaking the 3DS will also dispense in-game coins that can be used to add a variety of new garden tools and more plants
  • Whistle into the 3DS microphone and attract additional birds
  • Participate in photo challenges using the 3DS camera in order to unlock rare and exotic flowers
  • Players can save photos and share them with their friends
  • The game will have a free-roaming camera

My Garden for Nintendo 3DS

My Garden by EA for Nintendo 3DS

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