As reported on CVG, in an interview with Mike Hayes, President of Sega West, there were hints of Nintendo support. As for the release of 3DS titles for the new system, he was quoted as saying, “So House of the Dead or Aliens vs. Predator or other core titles like that could see a home on that platform as well, of course, as all the brands that we know will do well — Monkey Ball, Sonic etc.”

In answer to the question: “Generally, what’s your perspective on 3DS? Had you seen it before E3?”

His response was: “We’re under so many NDAs, I can’t answer that question. Are we going to have titles at and around launch? Absolutely yes, we will do.

I think Nintendo have managed the whole project absolutely brilliantly. They’ve worked brilliantly with third-parties; that was said at their E3 conference.

Whereas of course with 3DS it’s one of the best third-party involvements there has been in recent years with Nintendo – that’s fantastic.”


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