Some new screenshots from a game called “Fish On” have surfaced. Not much is known about the game at this point, other than that it appears to be a fishing simulation of some sort developed by SIMS and released by ASCII Media Works.

If properly executed, I can see this game appealing to fishing buffs and gamers interested in simulation titles. The fish in the screenshot is definitely modeled to have an extremely realistic appearance, and with statistics such as Line Out, Depth, and Total Weight on display, there could end up being quite a few intricacies to this game. Of course it could end up being shovelware like what happens to so many promising games.

Time will tell, but I personally would like to see something come of this title, as I could get into some 3D fishing action on my 3DS. Seeing fish swim towards you as if they’re coming through the screen, and then disappearing into the depths of the sea, could be a really cool effect!

Fish On for Nintendo 3DS

More screens here

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