Even though Nintendo has not yet finalized the look of the new 3DS, shots posted at IGN show a few close-up details of the system, as well as some possible color choices for the new hardware. There are also some first shots of a generic game cartridge and box.

If you look at the outer shell of the 3DS, you can clearly see the two exterior cameras, which will apparently allow for 3D photographs to be taken. Flipped open, the inside still houses just the single camera. Dual control schemes now share the left side of the device, while the buttons on the right look to have been raised to closer to the top. A ‘Home’ button also appears to have been added, along with yet another new location of the ‘Power’ button.

Taking a look at the top screen doesn’t reveal much, but along the right side you can see the little indicator for the 3D effect slider, which allows for adjustment of the depth of image displayed on the top screen.

This is turning out to be quite the snazzy little unit.

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