Here is some of the info that came out of the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, as reported on Nintendo Everything.

  • Will come with an SD card
  • Store games on the SD card
  • Can transfer DSiWare games
  • The 3DS display is something you can’t get anywhere else
  • Game lineup for the 3DS is amazing
  • 3DS can multitask
  • Press home while playing a game and go to an application like the Internet browser
  • Monitors how much you’re carried your DS, how much you’ve played games
  • Can use SpotPass to receive updates
  • Firmware update can be done overnight
  • When you walk past something, can exchange data with other players automatically
  • A lot of the features sound Japan-oriented
  • Street Fighter has statue battles
  • Resident Evil looks fantastic
  • Two Resident Evil games
  • Professor Layton trailer had nice animation
  • Cradle that was shown may be the standard way of charging
  • Nintendo had been planning on launching the 3DS this year, but they wouldn’t have enough product

3ds charge cradle

Full report

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