If you could get your hands on glasses that improved your 3DS gaming experience, would you be interested? In an interview with Game Blend, digital performance eyewear maker Gunnar Optiks has revealed that they currently have a line of glasses that serve that purpose.

Check out this snippet from the interview:

Game Blend: Autostereoscopy is another emerging form of 3D that may soon permeate the consumer entertainment market, especially with upcoming gaming accessories and hardware such as the Nintendo 3DS. Are there any plans to adopt a series of glasses to enhance or coincide with autostereoscopic devices?

GUNNAR: We actually have glasses that serve that purpose already, which is how we started as a company! Our main product line, the i-Amp lens solution, is optimized for viewing digital screens in various situations, whether its the game marathons or staring at a monitor in the office for hours on end. Our glasses will work to enhance the experience with autostereoscopy displays and help to reduce eye fatigue from straining to view the screen for long periods of time.

I didn’t realize there would actually be eyewear that could improve the 3DS experience, nor did I think there would be a need for any. But come to think of it, eyestrain is starting to sound like it could be a real concern for extended play sessions with the system’s 3D effects turned on. If these glasses can reduce the negative effects, it might end up being worth the investment for heavy users. If it turns out these glasses can also noticeably enhance the 3DS experience, a lot of owners might be interested once the word gets out.

Full interview

Gunnar 3D glasses

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