Nintendo 3DS Blog discusses details from an interview with Elder Prince, creator of Eternal Eden, concerning the challenges in remaking a new version for the 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS Blog: Why a 3DS-based remake of Eternal Eden?

Elder Prince: … my dream has always been to develop a game on a Nintendo console. The success of EE1 as proof-of-concept is just the first step on the road to fulfilling that dream.

Nintendo 3DS Blog: How far will you be taking this remake? Is it just making it compatible with the 3DS, or will you be reworking the graphics to look similar to Eternal Eden 2 or adding any new game elements?

Elder Prince: Ah, it’s going to be a solid remake! Think of Final Fantasy IV on the SNES and Square-Enix’s newest adaptation of it on the Nintendo DS. That’s that kind of transition I hope to achieve.

Eternal Eden

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