EEDAR games analyst Jesse Divnich recently offered his thoughts as to why Nintendo priced the 3DS on the higher range of expectations:

“The higher price point allows Nintendo to incorporate new features such as 3D movies, camera, and game support as well as incorporating a more robust online network to aid Nintendo in evolving their product from a single-use, games only platform to supporting the plethora of media and entertainment options that consumers have become accustom to using on their handheld devices such as the PSP, Smart Phones, and Tablet Computers.”

When you look at everything the 3DS will offer, the price doesn’t really seem all that bad – especially compared to other cutting edge devices such as the iPad. Traditionally Nintendo has always focused on the gaming aspects of their devices.

Recently we’ve seen them stray a little bit from that with things like weather and news channels on the Wii. The 3DS looks to continue along these lines, and I think that features like 3D movies and a better online offering will help attract even more people to the 3DS. There’s a lot of competition out there these days in the portable space, and I don’t blame Nintendo for trying to broaden their horizons ever so slightly.


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