From the Tokyo Game Show comes the news of a new game for the Nintendo 3DS – My Garden from Electronic Arts. Since it is being listed as a launch title, we’ll have to wait to hear when the release date will be.

My Garden represents a garden simulator where players can design their own garden, selecting from hundreds of plants and decorations. It will feature 6 unique environments including a desert and jungle. The built-in 3DS camera can take photos of the creations and the 3DS microphone can be used to whistle bird calls.

Garden expert Tanuki, a cute Japanese character, will help players become garden specialists and help make their gardens thrive.

Rod Humble, executive vice president of the EA Play label, is quoted as saying,

“With My Garden, our aim was simple: to make something beautiful that comes to life on the Nintendo 3DS like no other platform. We hope to offer a game that’s so immersive that it truly brings the delight of owning a garden to life through a visually stunning 3D experience.”

Overall, this appears to be a promising game that will make good use of the great graphic features of the new 3DS. I can see this game attracting people of all ages to pick it up alongside the 3DS when it launches.

My Garden for Nintendo 3DS


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