During an interview with Tiny Cartridge, game developer, Julian Gollop, revealed some details about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars which is set to be released with the Nintendo 3DS.

Apart from mentioning that the StreetPass or online multiplayer features will not be included, he also stated:

“You have six characters you control, each with unique abilities and equipment. You can level them up, gaining abilities and more equipment options. … The unique thing with GRSW is the level of detail in the missions and the tactical system. During missions you have various allies, and a whole variety of objectives – rescuing prisoners, blowing up bridges and trains, assassinating key villains, and so on.

The tactical system, and the way the weapons work, have a bit more of an Advance Wars feel – indirect launchers, area effect, EMP grenades, etc. There is a unique ‘support fire’ mechanic. Machine guns are best for this – they will return fire if nearby allies are attacked.

The battlefield is very detailed, with cover effects, and elevation having significant tactical effects. You need to capture ‘command flags’ to collect ‘command points’ which are spent on various powers, including calling in a massive airstrike. Each character gains power points to launch special power attacks – super shot, rapid strike, wide impact – depending on the weapon types used.”

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars


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