If you’re curious about just what exactly the 3DS AR demos are all about, here is a little more information about Target Shooting and Face Shooting.

Target Shooting:

  • You will take a picture of an included card, using a precise distance
  • A box will pop up on the card, and you shoot at the box and various bullseye targets that emerge from it
  • After shooting everything, a dragon will pop up that must be fired at
  • If you move in too close on the card and you may lose the image

Face Shooting:

  • This will turns your face into various enemies
  • Snap a picture when the game has recognized your mouth
  • The game will recognize you for what you are (young male, etc.)
  • Some examples of enemy transformation for your face are a samurai and its minions
  • Gyro-based pointing is utilized
  • Enemies can interact with your real-world setting (crashing into walls, etc.)
  • Take out the samurai by firing bullets into its mouth


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