According to andriasang, has now posted previews of My Garden and The Sims 3. Here are some of the details:

The Sims 3

3DS hardware shows off 3D recreation of the sims in the top screen, while the bottom screen shows an area map. The face, skin, clothing, personality, life goal and other features of the sims can be edited to your liking. When you give your sims directions, they let you know how they are feeling by “Moodlet” icons, which say “I want to sleep” or “I want to take a bath.” You can change your sims’ lives using Karma Power. Shaking the 3DS can cause money to fall from the sky, but too much shaking will cause an earthquake. The camera can take pictures to create a sim that looks like you. Additional hair styles and clothes, etc., can be downloaded by Wi-Fi. Street Pass can also be used to exchange sims. This game is scheduled for a Spring release.

The Sims 3

My Garden

The tanuki guide’s name is Ponta and he will help you create the most beautiful garden in the world. By shaking the system, insects will go away and by whistling into the mic you will attract birds. The 3DS’s touch screen will show a full map which will help to position objects in your garden. The camera is used in the “photo challenge” events where you will be able to take a photo of your garden. This, too, is scheduled to come out in the Spring.

My GardenLink

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