We’re slowing learning more and more details about how Kid Icarus: Uprising is shaping up. This time 411mania gives us the scoop on some storyline elements, types of enemies, difficulty, and more.

It looks like the game takes place 23 years after the original Kid Icarus for the NES, and we’ll be seeing the return of some familiar enemies such as the fiery dog Twinbellows and the Eggplant Wizard.

We’ve already heard about what type of gameplay we can expect, but we now learn that the game shouldn’t end up being as difficult as its NES predecessor and that we might see some familiar moves from Pit’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Control-wise, players will be using the Slide Pad to move Pit around, the ‘L Button’ to fire various weapons, and the stylus to aim (which also includes camera movement). The game likely won’t make use of the 3DS’ newly added gyroscopic and motion controls, but it’s still possible they might be implemented outside of the main adventure.


Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS

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