We have some more details on what to expect from the upcoming Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, based on the demo at Nintendo World 2011.

  • The demo starts with an introduction anime 3D movie showing a carnival scene
  • Professor Layton and Luke start in a town called Montedoll
  • Characters in the game are shown as 3D models rather than the 2D drawings
  • There is an overhead map on the bottom screen
  • Tap to make Layton and Luke move between points of interest
  • There is an investigation tool which is a notebook-like mouse pad that covers the 3DS’ entire bottom screen
  • Use the investigation tool to check out points of interest
  • Slide the stylus around on the bottom screen to move a pair of goggles on the top screen
  • Tap on a spot you want to investigate
  • Dialogue scenes in the game have a 3D layering effect to them

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle


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