Mega Man Legends 3 Project

The Mega Man Network has posted some details about the new heroine in Mega Man Legends 3.  The info apparently comes from the Rockman DASH 3 development blog, and was translated by one of their readers. Here’s the description:

  • Lilly (temporary name) new heroin 14 year old girl
  • Final design to be decided
  • Calls herself “Watashi” (temporary)
  • Seeking stimulation she hangs out with ____, and is the idol of her teammates.
  • A nice gap between a somewhat defiant attitude and a cute look. Slightly shorter than Roll and Tron.
  • She doesn’t have any specific skills, but is very bright and positive. She acts without thinking and her constant carelessness really stands out.  She also isn’t very knowledgable about many things.
  • Because of her expectations of _____ and those teammates, she is very frustrated about the idecisiveness of ____.
  • Her heart races when she encounters ____ who/which takes tremendous action and charge.
  • She volunteers to _____’s operation, but unlike Roll, she is very uncertain. Everytime she makes a careless mistake, ___ gets very angry, but she is soothed by the team members.


  • Alright, I’ll operate as best I can!
  • Crush the two teams!
  • Didn’t I say that _____ was dangerous!?
  • I’m not leaving without _____!

Which of the designs will be chosen? If you haven’t already voted, there’s still a chance to have your say!

Megaman Legends 3 for Nintendo 3DS - Heroine choices


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