1Up has posted some more interesting information about what we can expect in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The info comes directly from game designer Masahiro Sakurai in his Famitsu column. One of the more interesting things we learn is that the game didn’t start out as a Kid Icarus title, but rather a nameless title born out of gameplay ideas.

Some highlights:

-Sakurai was asked directly by Iwata to develop a title for the new system’s launch.

-Sakurai chose the shooter genre for the game, one he thought would be difficult but was a good fit for the 3DS.

-The air battles would resemble an on-rails shooter, while enabling players to move Pit around independently.

-Sakura had his still-unnamed project plan formally approved in October 2008.

-When he started to revise his project plan, Kid Icarus came to mind.

-Gameplay could involve having the goddess Palutena grant Pit the power of flight for five minutes at a time, to enable him to fly into enemy strongholds. Then on the gound, enemies battles would take place.

-The project started out after Sakurai rented a small office in Tokyo late in 2008. At the time, 3DS was brand-new hardware with no development tools.

-It’s the first 3DS project ever launched.


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