Nintendo 3DS - design not final?

We’ll file this under rumor for now, but it’s being reported that the 3DS design we’ve come to know so far may still not be the final design. The news stems from an interview out of GamesCom 2010 with a Nintendo rep telling that the current model being shown is still considered in ‘beta’ form and changes might still be made.

What that means, exactly, can be interpreted any number of ways. It could be that what we’ve seen is 99% final but Nintendo is just leaving the door open to the possibility of a change or two before finalizing it for good. They could be evaluating the feedback they received from recent press events, possibly to implement a suggestion or two. After all, once they confirm to the press that the design is final, any changes are just going to be met with a barrage of questions as to why they felt the need to alter the final design of the system.

Another likely option is that small tweaks are still being made that will be inconsequential to the final user. Maybe they’ll fine tune the motion of the slide pad or the tension in the 3D effect slider. Maybe the hinges in the final model might feel tighter than what people have experienced in preview sessions thus far. Either way, I doubt the final design of the 3DS will differ very much from what has been shown so far.


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