Andriasang has posted some interesting information about Capcom’s MT Framework Mobile for the 3DS.  Apparently Capcom is very happy with the results they are getting out of the 3DS. If Capcom is that impressed at this early stage, I think we’ll be in store for some really great looking games for the system, especially once developers become more familiar with its nuances.

Here’s some info about MT Framework Mobile, which Capcom will be using for Resident Evil: Revelations:

-It’s based off MT Framework 2.0, with with specialized graphics for the 3DS
-During 3D use, the game will maintain a 30 frames per second output
-Anti Aliasing will be off while in 3D mode, and be at 2x in 2D mode
-Street Fighter IV for the 3DS will use the same engine

You can check out more screenshot comparisons by following the link below.


MT Framework

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