Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi had the following to say about their ‘Revelations’ project, which we now know as MT Framework Mobile:

“[Revelations] is a completely new project that we started up after hearing about the 3DS. It’s not a project that was progressing on separate hardware and was moved to the 3DS. The images since the game’s E3 unveiling have all been real time rendered on the 3DS development hardware. It seems as though people didn’t believe us at first, but we’d like you to know that the 3DS is capable of this level of expressive power.”

It definitely sounds as if they’re very pleased with what they’re able to produce on Nintendo’s upcoming system. These comments reinforce that everything we’ve seen from Capcom thus far for 3DS has been rendered in real time, and not pre-rendered video as some suspected. Just think of what kind of games we’ll be seeing on the 3DS a year or two after it releases.


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