In an interview with VideoGamer, Yosuke Hayashi, Head of Team Ninja, spoke about the battery life of the Nintendo 3DS.

Here are some of his comments:

“For the battery stuff, basically, 3D viewing for a long time would be kind of tiring for your eyes, that’s why for the hardcore gamer we can switch the 3D depth slider to off. Without 3D viewing we can run the game (Dead or Alive: Dimensions) at 60fps, which the hardcore gamer can enjoy. People can choose [3D or no 3D] – that’s why we’re providing the option. People can play either way. 3D viewing is very interesting and more appealing.

“[Street Fighter is] originally and now a 2D fighting game. But, for us, Dead or Alive is a 3D fighting game – so [Capcom has] a limitation with Street Fighter. As a 3D fighting game we have a lot of possibility, and it is natural to convey it to 3DS. [Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition] has a figurine battle. We are in the fighting game genre, and they’re not fighting! [The game] remembers the habit and customs of the person playing – we’re going to fight with avatars which remember the action habit of the players.”

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