Posted on andriasang are details about two baseball 3DS games – Pro Baseball Famista 2011 from Namco and Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 from Konami.

Famista’s version has a cartoon-like appearance and will use the 3D effect on runs and other actions to show off the visuals. Players will also feel like they are really on the field. There will be new features like dash stealing. There is also a “Super Fine Play” mode for diving and leaping. On the bottom screen will be player cards with real photos of the players. Data up to the start of this year will be available. There will also be an updated version of the pennant race mode called, “Dream Pennant Mode.”

Pro Baseball Famisuta

Pro Baseball Spirits shows greater visual depth and there will be a home run derby and a pennant mode for playing either the manager or player.

Pro Baseball Spirits

Both look like promising titles and will be released in Spring 2011.


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