In an interview between Cubed3 and Denis Mercier, Creator of DodoGo! and founder of Alien After All, it seems that the 3DS is certainly a point of interest to them. Read what else he had to say regarding 3D technology and the lessons he learned earlier in his career.

Here’s a clip from the interview:

AR: Are you already thinking of 3DS support, and what do you think of the system in general?

Denis Mercier: “For the moment, we’re looking at the 3DS specifications. I’m a long-time believer in 3D without glasses. In 1996, I had the opportunity to do some tests and participate in the glasses-free 3D adaption of “Fade to Black” with Pierre Allio, the inventor of Alioscopy, a process that uses a lenticular lens array on a large-screen television and allows several people in a room to experience 3D without glasses. The 3DS format is for single users and is quite well adapted for use on individual consoles.

So, what lessons did we learn at that time? The game environment seemed horribly empty compared to the 2D version since perception in 3D also means a heightened perception of “emptiness.” With 2D vision, only a few objects suffice to break up the landscape and create a feeling of complexity. In 3D vision, however, three to four times the number of elements are needed to fill the space and create the same feeling of complexity. Moreover, a lot of clever display tricks don’t work with 3D.

The other lesson we learned comes from the loss of horizontal resolution. 3D without glasses divides the horizontal resolution (by eight in Alioscopy and by two in 3DS), but despite all of this, 3D reproduction makes an image seem more clearly defined than it does in 2D. Regarding resolution, the inventor of this technology once said, “A 3D image feeds the brain.” I hope that it feeds thinking as well.”

Full interview


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