Nintendo 3DS

In a feature on IGN, Craig Harris seems to think the 3DS will actually launch before the year is out – in Japan anyway. While I personally think it’s still a bit of a long shot, he actually offers up a few compelling reasons that make a lot of sense.

The first is the fact that the technology behind the 3DS’ 3D screen is not owned by Nintendo, meaning other companies are undoubtedly readying 3D capable devices of their own. If even a few phones or cameras make their way to market before the 3DS, it would surely put a damper on the ‘wow’ factor Nintendo has going for it.

The next few reasons factor in a little less in my mind, but still speak towards releasing the 3DS sooner than later: appeasing the shareholders, the light DS software lineup for the holidays, and fighting back against piracy. Interestingly, he also goes on to mention that he thinks the device is well out of prototype status and ready for full-on mass production. This directly conflicts with a story we posted just yesterday about the possibility of the 3DS’ design not yet being final.

One question raised in the article is whether it’s the software that’s holding up the system’s launch. I think that is definitely a huge factor, to the point that this reason alone is enough for the 3DS not to release in 2010. With Nintendo touting the 3DS launch as the company’s biggest ever, they’re going to need a strong lineup ready to go on day one. From what we’ve seen, the current demos out there are in an extremely early state – so early that most are not even playable. Could these games really be fully developed and ready for manufacturing in a mere matter of months? That would be quite an accomplishment if I do say so.

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