Group manager of the 3DS hardware project at Nintendo, Hideki Konno, gives his thoughts about the new system. Here is a portion of what he had to say:

Konno on how the 3DS didn’t have 3D visuals when he began working on the system…

“I became involved with development starting in 2008, but at that time, it didn’t have 3D visuals. From Nintendo’s perspective, they’ve released 3D Hot Rally [a Japan-only 8-bit game that used 3D shutter glasses] and the Virtual Boy; they’ve had a history of experimenting with 3D visuals. With this system, you could say the timing was just right for us. It was the right time to start thinking about using the latest in high-tech and try out glasses-free 3D. The technology we got to demo was really impressive, and starting in early 2009, we began to think that it was time to bring it to games.”

Konno on working with hardware for the first time…

“It was a difficult experience, but an important one to have. Working in software, oftentimes you have the situation where there’s a bad game that could become great if you can find a single great new idea for it. With hardware, you just can’t turn the tables that quickly on a project. You can come up with a new idea for a game and get a basic prototype running in a week. Miyamoto will say to you ‘Just give it to me in boxes’ — it doesn’t need to be pretty; you can just have a bunch of boxes onscreen if it accurately portrays the idea. Mario Kart began life as a bunch of boxes onscreen, even. You can’t wing it like that with hardware — you need to think everything out before making it. That was very hard for me to get to grips with.”

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