Coming out of Gamepro is a very interesting article on 3D gaming. With the input from experts in optical science, they delve into various aspects of 3D video games. Here are just a couple of things mentioned that you will find interesting.

A explanation of how 3D works is discussed:

In a nutshell, 3D is all about sending a different picture into each eye so that the brain can meld the two images together, creating one complete picture. In the real world, we perceive objects to be in 3D because our eyes send a number of different signals to our brain that interpret the object and its place in the surrounding environment.

From Dr. Martin Banks, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley:

He explains the way our eyes focus and converge (the angle of our eyes) is hardwired into our brain to work together. But viewing a 3D image separates the eyes in an abnormal fashion. Your eyes may need to angle themselves toward a point 5 feet in front of the screen to see the content, but since light still comes from the television, your eyes will focus on it. The result is a constant fight between your brain and your eyes.

“We subjected people to 45 minutes of pretty intensive viewing, and that definitely caused them to experience fatigue and discomfort. I suspect that longer viewing would case a great deal more discomfort.”

Let’s hope that people will respect their comfort limit in respect to time spent on the 3DS and avoid eye strain. For some people, it may be a good thing they’ll have the 2D mode to fall back on.

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