September 2010

Check out the trailer for Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle. This one has English subtitles too.

In an interesting development, WayForward has told Eurogamer that it is not working on A Boy and His Blob for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was actually on an official 3DS software list put out by Nintendo, which raises the question: Was the listing completely incorrect, or has the game since been canned?

Here’s the quote from a WayForward spokesperson:

“the Blob announcement at E3 was incorrect… we’re not developing blob for any systems currently.”

A Boy and his Blob


As Nintendo announced at its recent press conference, the 3DS will retail in Japan for 25,000 yen. What they haven’t told us is how much it will sell for when it hits US shores. A direct conversion sets the American price at just under $300, but is that how much it will sell for?

Personally, I can see Nintendo trying to lower it down to $250. That price point seems a lot more attractive than $300, especially in these difficult financial time. An article on discusses the differences between the Japanese pricing and the American, and also leans toward expecting a $250 price tag on the device.


Article here

Shanghai 3D Cube for Nintendo 3DS

Not too many puzzle games have been announced for the Nintendo 3DS so far, but a new game looks to help fill that void. Shanghai 3D Cube by Sunsoft is heading to the 3DS in Spring 2011 and will follow the basic premise of Shanghai, except in 3D.

Not much else is known about the game yet, but apparently layouts for puzzles will be in the form of pyramids and cubes. There will be a multiplayer element to the game as well.


Cubic Ninja for Nintendo 3DS

Some new details on Cubic Ninja by AQ Interactive have been posted on andriasang. It looks like this will be an action puzzler where you control a cube-shaped ninja trying to escape from a mansion.

There will be a variety of traps throughout the giant mansion, including breaking blocks and giant steel balls. The game will make use of the 3DS’ gyroscope and allow you to tilt the 3DS as part of the gameplay.

There will also be a mansion editor included, letting you create your own mansion layouts and exchange them with others.

Look for Cubic Ninja in Spring 2011.


Playstation 2 RPG “Tales of the Abyss” will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS as an upgraded port. Years ago there was talk of the game coming to the GameCube but it never materialized. Now the game will finally see the light of day, and in glorious 3D too!

According to Cubed3, no time frame has been set for the game’s release.

Tales of the Abyss for Nintendo 3DS


An article on Andriasang takes a look at the new behind-the-back camera mode of Super Street Fighter IV 3D that was reported yesterday. While the feature is yet unconfirmed by Capcom, it was apparently available in the press event demo of the game.

The demo first starts off by allowing players to select whether to turn on the 3D effect. After selecting to turn it on, the gameplay takes place from a behind-the-shoulder view of your chosen fighter. The writer who first reported this information was originally expecting the ‘3D effect’ option to simply add depth to the game, but then again that would be relegated to the system’s 3D effects slider on the top screen.

Apparently commands still operate as normal, except the camera  sticks to the character’s back regardless of how harsh the movements become. The writer was able to pull off special moves without any issues, but didn’t get the chance to go in depth with the new mode.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D for Nintendo 3DS

Sega has announced that it is ramping up production for the Nintendo 3DS and is in the midst of creating at least six titles for the new system. Andriasang is reporting that the games are expected to hit the platform by the end of fiscal year 2011, or March 31, 2012.

We only know about two of these games so far: Super Monkey Ball 3D and Sonic. No details have been released on the latter either. As for the 3D installment of Super Monkey Ball, it is said to offer a more direct approach to controls via the new Slide Pad of the 3DS, as well as its motion sensor.

The game will also take advantage of the device’s wireless communication with two modes: Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. Both of these are returns of existing modes from previous installments.

Look for Super Monkey Ball 3D in the launch window of the 3DS, sometime in Spring 2011.

Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo 3DS