July 2010

During a shareholders’ meeting, Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, answers some questions that will interest Nintendo fans. It’s a very interesting and informative read.

Here is an excerpt:

“I would like to ask if Nintendo may supply software for other companies’ hardware. I think that Nintendo’s style of hardware development is to seek out the preferable features to realize unique ideas for software, and Wii and DS were developed according to this way of thinking. I am expecting a lot of software for Nintendo 3DS with amazing ideas. Meanwhile, other companies are also releasing interesting hardware such as the iPad. I am wondering if Mr. Iwata or Mr. Miyamoto may have happened to get any ideas for these devices, even as little as 1%, for Nintendo 3DS. Although I would not like Nintendo to expand the scope of the business too much, please tell us your business policy.”


Coming out of the UK is another positive report posted on uk.videogames. Labelled as a “pocket of magic” and a “must-have gadget for 2011,” the Nintendo 3DS is thrilling fans all over the world even though they won’t be able to experience it until next year. Having the 3D effect without the use of glasses seems to be the most popular feature of this new system, although the other new features are close contenders.

With comments like, “3DS games are more enjoyable because they are literally more sensational,” it will be a difficult decision about which one to buy first. Let’s hope Nintendo can keep up with production enough to match the demand.


Cubed3 has posted some 3DS impressions from five of their staffers, who all gave their take on what they thought of the new system and games. While they each have their own take, one thing they have in common is they seem to have all walked away quite impressed!

Impressions here

The ONM Blog has posted some impressions of their time with Ubisoft’s Hollwood 61 at the 3DS showcase in London this week. Described as a mystery puzzle game with possibly some Twin Peaks type styling, the demo has you solving a couple of puzzles, for example by using the stylus to light up a room using mirrors to reflect light.

By the sounds of it, there isn’t too much more to the demo at this point in time, but at least the game’s art style got a positive mention.

Full impressions

At an investors Q&A session in Japan, Capcom representatives said that the release dates for the company’s 3DS games are unknown as of this point. While this doesn’t confirm anything, certain things could be taken from this statement.

We know that they will be bringing Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV to the 3DS, however neither of these games were included in their sales targets for the current fiscal year. Since we know that Nintendo will be launching the 3DS before the end of the fiscal year, one could deduce that we won’t be seeing any Capcom offerings on day one.


Electric Pig spoke with Nintendo UK’s marketing manager James Honeywell, who talked a bit about the the 3DS’ technology, release date, and pricing. Though no specifics were revealed regarding date and price, he did state that the 3DS is expected to be priced similar to the current DS price architecture.

With the DSi XL sitting just under $200 right now, I’d say a $229 – $249 price for the 3DS could be what we’ll see when the device launches.

Responding to the latest rumor that Nintendo told Bloomberg that the 3DS will release in Japan this quarter, the Big N dismissed the talk as pure speculation.

“No – we’ve not announced anything to Bloomberg or anyone else,” Nintendo told VG247.

Not too surprising, considering they just announced that September 29 would be the date we would learn all the juicy details on the 3DS’ release.


While they aren’t accepting pre-orders for the 3DS just yet, you can sign up to be notified of the new handheld’s availability on amazon.co.uk. No games are listed as of yet, but that’s sure to change in the coming weeks.

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