In Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy for the 3DS, which is the last game in the second trilogy, players travel on a journey to eight locations throughout the globe. Along with a gripping storyline, there are over 500 puzzles to solve in this new version of the game.

Luke and Emma are back as well as two new characters, Desmond Sycamore, and archaeologist and Aurora, a living mummy.

Fans of this great series will find Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy just as entertaining as the others and a perfect ending to the trilogy.


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The press release relating to Bravely Default brings us some interesting info about this popular title. Here are some excerpts from that release:

… Bravely Default brings a unique twist to the role-playing genre. With a compelling new risk-and-reward combat system, creative uses of StreetPass functionality and beautiful graphics, this ambitious game brings new innovations in quality and design to the world of RPGs.

Bravely Default comes from the creative minds at Square Enix, a company known for developing some of the most memorable and beautiful RPGs of all time. The game’s massive fantasy world contains airships, elemental crystals and magic, and is a treat for both the eyes and the ears.Bravely Default features a variety of locales filled with gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor backgrounds and smooth 3D animations, all accompanied by an evocative musical score.

Bravely Default follows the story of main character Tiz, a humble shepherd and the lone survivor of a cataclysmic event, as he joins a group of loyal companions on a journey to restore balance to the world.

Bravely Default 3DS


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The release date of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse 3DS by WayForward has now been delayed until October 2014. This action-adventure has Shantae teaming up with pirate Risky Boots to get back her half-genie powers which have been stolen. She soon picks up some pirate-style activities from her criminal friend.

This game is definitely worth checking out. See below:

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The latest Lego adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS is The Lego Movie Videogame which is based on the animated movie, The Lego Movie. This title from TT Games certainly won’t disappoint fans who have seen the movie. Here is a clip from

This game is more than a successful follow-up for the movie: it’s an essential brick in the LEGO creative experience that continues to expand with no end in sight.”


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Two games, one by Level-5 and another by Capcom, have been brought together in Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. The Professor Layton games have been popular throughout the series with players solving logic puzzles. In the Phoenix Wright adventure series, the player takes on the role of the attorney battling through long court cases.

In Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, both characters are transported to the medieval city of Labyrinthia. Here they attempt to save Espella who is about to go on trial as a witch.

There are plenty of puzzles to solve and lots of typical Ace Attorney courtroom behavior. If you are a fan of either of these series, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this game.


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Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney

Kirby Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo 3DS

The 2014 release of Kirby Triple Deluxe has plenty of action and adventure. Here are just a few of the features included in the game:

  • Kirby can use his copy abilities to inhale, spit and transform
  • Characters are able to move into the foreground and the background
  • Collectible colored stars, each with unique values, can be used to gain an extra life
  • Keychains and Sun Stones can also be collected at each level which resemble classic Kirby characters
  • Kirby has an inhale ability that can now inhale anything
  • The gyro controls can be used for tilting, at certain times in the game
  • At the end of each level there is a bonus game
  • A few game modes have been added to this version of the game

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The launch of Super Smash Bros 3DS is planned for this summer. Most elements of the game will run at 60 fps and they will be in stereoscopic 3D. Many classic characters will be returning with new features. Smash Run is a new mode used for exploring, fighting, and gaining power ups. Online multiplayer playing is offered. Customizing of rules, items, and stages is available if playing with friends. See the video below for more info:

Golf game fans will want to try out the new game: Mario Golf World Tour 3DS. With lots of fun features, this is sure to be a big hit. Here are some highlights of the game:

  •  13 characters plus 4 unlockable characters
  • choice of clothes, golf balls, and clubs
  • 40 unlockable outfits
  • 10 courses plus 6 more downloadable for purchase
  • over 100 challenges
  • season pass is available with 108 new holes, new characters and power-ups
  • coins are collected along the way
  • Castle Club used for single-player tournaments, training, and challenges
  • online multiplayer